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Showing India in a way never seen before...!

In a country with such tremendous landscapes, cultures and demographics, the mysteriousl lands of India promises ultimate adventure opportunities for every taste and budget. We, Adventure24x7, believe in showing India in a way that is ultimate,unique, virgin and new; a rejuvenate revelation for even the most seasoned adventurists.

Why India?

There are no place in the world other than India where you can pitch your camp right on the top of the mountain and drive in the middle of a desert, listening to rustic folk music strumming from a distance, or climb the mighty Himalayas, "shoot" tigers and lions by your lens, rebound in a raft and conquer high tide waters, set up camps in dense forests and laze around on sun-kissed beaches - all in two weeks trip?


All our fixed departures have on an average about 8-10 traveller. 12 is our upper limit and we run all departures even if we have lone traveller on board

Successfully organising More then 25 tours with guaranteed departures

Over 25 different Adventure Trips with Guaranteed Departures (Motorcycle expedition¸ camping, trekking, skiing, rafting, cycling, Ballooning & many more),.


We are a team of about 50 local people mostly from different villages in the Indian Himalayas. We have an coreteam of more than 15 trained & well experienced guides/tour leaders.


All our fixed departures have on an average about 8-10 traveller. 12 is our upper limit and we run all departures even if we have lone traveller on board


The Adventure24x7 collective experience of the Himalayas & lust for the adventure is unmatched. Our adventurists/instructors/guides are trained from India’s reputed mountaineering institutes and have a minimum 5-6 years of experience and are mentored by KTC (Kanchanjangha Trackers club has 33 years of experience in trekking)

  • Yashpal Negi,(mountaineer par excellance in Mountaineering and Skiing).
  • Bhardwaj Dayala ( Veteran Biker, Guiness book records holder and a famous name in the world of motorcycle expeditions)
  • Manish joshi (Paragliding Guru & Limca Book Records holder in various categories)
  • Sunil Sharma ( a lone traveller and perfect adventurist)
  • Musafir diary (Well known name in solo travelling)

    And many more who are mentioned in the category of Adventure Legend in our website.

    Our company is led by Nitin Tyagi, a Banker, who left corporate life to set up Adventure24x7

Super Pricing

Due to a experienced instructors and our own high quality equipments we are able to provide our adventure tours at best rate. Apart from having a very competitive price matrix our pricing is in INR and does not change for anyone, anywhere in the India except where it involves charges by the Indian government. Adventure24x7 has a policy of transparency with regards to its Quality with pricing and prices are clearly mentioned. There are no hidden costs


Regard for mountains and a pure love for everything adventurous is the common thread binding us. Being from the Himalayas we realise the dangers of high impact tourism on our nature and try to run our trips in the most eco friendly manner

Itinerary Planning and Tailor Made Trips

We at Adventure24x7 have long been helping our Travellers with all necessary arrangements in many exciting tours, and we will take pleasure in doing so for you at every given point of time. All we need is your travelling dates & approximate budget. Rest all leave to us

Bike Rental Services

We have a large fleet of Motorcycle at our disposal, and having the fleet itself is not enough, we need to see that we use the best transport services for our Tourists, and return them a good value for their money; hence we have maintained a separate department taking care of all our transport requirements. We would love to entertain you as our guests throughout your Indian sojourn. Our customer support services are available 24/7. You may choose to correspond through phone, or e-mail and expect a prompt revert from us. We’ll be waiting!