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Nitin Tyagi

Our founder Nitin Tyagi is a name of adventure. He is a

  • Mountaineer(BMC&AMC),
  • Climber(climb two above 7000mtr peaks),
  • Trekker(20treks)
  • Ski professional(advance course),
  • Paragliding,
  • Rafting,
  • Kayaking Professional,
  • Veteran bike rider,
  • Surfer,
  • Scuba diver,
  • Sky diver,
  • Photographer.
  • An experienced biker,

He has since lead numerous bike expeditions in the Himalayas, including Nepal, Bhutan, northeast and Laddakh he used his tent-sleeping bags and home stay too.

He visited

  1. All three highest pass in world named khardungla, tanglangla, changla.
  2. Highest café Rinchen cafeteria,
  3. Highest polling booth: Anlay phu(leh)
  4. Highest petrol pump(kaza),  
  5. Highest post office(hikkim)
  6. Highest village(kibber)
  7. Highest and coldest battlefield siachin,
  8. Highest ATM(axis bank nathu la,)

In 2007, he explored and completed his virgin expedition to Khalindi Khal track in the tender age of 19.

When his friend was resting after the completion of this voyage, he started one more trip to Kuari pass in no time, explored to Hemkund and Roopkund came down from there. This was the moment when exploring journey began and since then Nitin didn’t turn back and kept heading towards his destination.

During his first journey to Ladakh by bullet he not only Climbed Stock Kangri but on his return he became so passionate that he didn’t look back and initiate one more expedition in 2008 to Uttrakhand and visited

  • Kedarkantha,
  • Har ki doon Rupin pass,
  • Chopta-Chandershila,
  • Valley of flowers ,
  • Hemkunth sahib,
  • Pindari glacier,
  • Milum Glacier
  • Punchachuli base camp,

and many more and also measured the trackes of Adi Kailash.

It was another beginning of one more excursion to Ladakh in 2009 and the destination was Himachal. This time his bullet took the route to Spiti, having reached the trackes of peak, kinner kailash, chandertaal, Beas kund, friendship peak he returned to Ladakh.

Now his passion had become an obsession for expeditions and to make himself equipped to meet his Dreams he enrolled in the Jawahar Institute of mounteneering and successfully completed the basic and advance course in Mountaineering, skeing and paragliding after this His participation in sky diving in Maysoor and scooba and surfing in the Andmaans showed his intensity for his passion.

After north India, it was time for another outing, and it took place in December 2014.He started from Delhi, covering the entire Rajasthan, Ran of Kutch and came back to Delhi.

On his very return, one more trip was on card and again, with motorbike he explored Nepal-Bhutan and the North-east. Having visited thousands of kilometres, a splendid thought strike to his mind,

“Let others be part of such excursion, those who have resources and those who don’t have.”

And with this view “Adventure 24×7″ came into existence and today we are facilitating those who are capable to go for such trips to see the incredible India also those who don’t have the enough funds, “Adventure 24×7″ is a platform to fulfil their wish to see the “Incredible India”.

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"Team work make the dream work"

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